About the Monument

A Creative Vision from the mind of Steven Lloyd Neal

The Monument of the Americas and Gardens, will be a 9-acre artistic rendering of the message of the Book of Mormon with highlights from the American founding.

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Layout of the Monument

The Old World has their share of ancient palaces honoring fallen kingdoms and deceased nobility, elaborate manicured gardens with magnificent fountains, and heroic statues of deities and powerful leaders.  The United States of America has very little to celebrate its Founders, its ancient prophets, and the promise of freedom and protection of the just under God’s Hand.   Until now.

The Monument of the Americas and Gardens is constructed between two very large sculptures- Other Sheep I Have and The Title of Liberty.  Connecting the two colossal statues, is a central walkway lined with twenty high-relief and bas-relief panels.  Every panel is made from bronze and mounted on granite, each measuring ten feet by seven feet.

Also along and off the central walkway are various satellite sculptural settings that meander into hidden vistas of the Monument’s remote borders.  The garden contains over fifty sculptural works and also has a thirty-five foot, three tiered fountain.

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