About the Monument of the Americas Park

The Old World has their share of ancient palaces honoring fallen kingdoms and deceased nobility, elaborate manicured gardens with magnificent fountains, and heroic statues of deities and powerful leaders.  The United States of America has very little to celebrate its Founders, its ancient prophets, and the promise of freedom and protection of the just under God’s Hand.   Until now.

Everything about the Monument of the Americas is the product of inspired vision, and visiting will be an unforgettable experience. Set on a lush, centrally located plot with mature trees and a stream running through, the park will stand as a cultural and religious gem in the blossoming Heber Valley. It will serve as a place for locals to visit, gather, and connect as a community, as well as be a destination for visitors.

The park will feature a beautiful, classically inspired visitors center constructed of local red sandstone, with space for public and private events, community art education, and rotating art and cultural exhibits. The colonnaded back terrace will lead visitors directly on to an ellipse walkway serving as the principal artery of the park. The path’s sides will be flanked with 20 magnificent bas relief panels, each sized at an impressive 7 x 10 feet, telling the Book of Mormon story in a dramatic fashion.

At one end of the central ellipse will stand the twice life-size “Title of Liberty” statue, surrounded by several figures of our nation’s Founding Fathers and Mothers. The other end will boast an impressive waterfall feature cascading into a pool below, atop which will stand the 18-foot central statue of Christ. 

Off the center of the main pathway, a classical archway will lead to the garden dedicated to the Zion society Christ established in America in the book of Third Nephi. The central, awe inspiring feature will be a 40 feet, three-tier water fountain feature with over 15 statues depicting the Savior blessing the children as angels descend and surround them.

The park will also host an outdoor amphitheater for community gatherings and concerts. The garden will also be host to several meandering pathways with additional statues throughout.

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