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Meet the team of
Monument of the Americas

Steven Lloyd Neal

Founder, Sculptor

Steven Lloyd Neal

Founder, Sculptor

Steven Lloyd Neal is a practicing facial plastic surgeon and artist who lives in Pendleton, Oregon, where he and his wife, Susan, raised their six daughters. Dr. Neal is an artist first and foremost. It was his background in art that attracted him to pursuing a career in facial plastic surgery. Noticing the strong similarities in both fields, Dr. Neal has fused them together to form his life’s work.

In the field of art, Neal is best known for his achievements and dedication to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his love of The Book of Mormon. When sculpting, Steven Neal’s favorite medium is oil-based clay. Despite his affinity to this medium, he has also learned to carve marble. Working among craftsmen, artisans, and apprentices, Neal has gone on multiple trips over the past ten years to Pietrasanta, Italy, not far from the same marble quarry used by Michelangelo, and received invaluable training there. He has also been trained by other professionals in New York. Some of Neal’s best-known sculptures are “Other Sheep I Have…” placed in the lobby of the Missionary Training Center in Provo, and the colossal, “Mormon Battalion Monument—Duty Calls” and “Duty Triumphs,” found at Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Since his youth, Neal has been painting oil paintings. As he grew, so did the size of his pieces. While still a medical resident, Neal began painting his most famous work, “The Tree of Life,” or “Lehi’s Dream.” “Lehi’s Dream,” which won the grand prize for the Church’s First International Art Contest, has been on display for 32 years at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, Neal also painted numerous other large pieces from scenes within The Book of Mormon. As an adult, he has received years of training in the style of the old European masters and continues to employ these techniques in his work.

Neal graduated magna cum laude with high honors in Asian Studies from Brigham Young University and graduated sixth in his medical school class from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

He currently serves in the Church as the second counselor in the Walla Walla, Washington, Stake Presidency. He and Susan are grandparents to fourteen grandchildren.

Michael Aaron Hall


Michael Aaron Hall


Michael has been interested in art and displayed a gift for drawing from a very early age. He grew up being greatly influenced by a deep and strong tradition of art in his family and he was nurtured and taught by his mother about art as well.

As he grew and became more determined to pursue his artistic pursuits, he traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, to further his training. He has subsequently studied the art of marble carving in Pietrasanta, in the Tuscany region of Italy, to learn sculpture techniques of the old masters.


Clayton Vance


Clayton Vance is a licensed architect practicing in Utah. He received his Masters of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame where he studied classical and traditional architecture and urbanism. The role of architecture is to properly represent the values of an institution. The pursuit of beauty is how that is accomplished. It is our role as architects to use timeless principles of order, hierarchy, the proper application of detail and ornament to reach that aim.

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