Monument of the Americas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Monument of the Americas?

It is a private sculpture and manicured meditation garden in the grand tradition, honoring America’s divine founding, and the Founding Fathers and Documents. The scripture which speaks most of America and it’s prophetic destiny is illustrated in over 50 bronze sculptures—even the Book of Mormon.

An 18-ft tall sculpture of the Savior is the center of the garden and His teachings the central theme. There will be waterfalls, fountains, flowers and ornamental trees, and private walkways with sculptures with scripture for quiet reflection.

There will be an art studio and visitor center which can also be used for juried art shows or wedding receptions and social events. There will be an amphitheater for summer concerts and youth outings.

The first building to be built on the site will be the sculpture studio. This will double for the visitor center temporarily and remain on-site as an art school.

Where is it being built?
On an approximately 7-acre piece of land, temporarily undisclosed, in the Utah, Salt Lake, and Wasatch County area.
Who is building it? Who owns it?
Private donors to and contributing partners of
Monument of the Americas, Inc., a Utah 501 C3 public foundation, the owning entity.
When will construction begin?
How many planned sculptures are there?
Over fifty bronze sculptures in the classical figurative style— some life-size, life-size-and-a-quarter, twice life-size, and even 3x life-size. Over 150 human figures featured in bas relief panels and sculpture in-the-round. Many more planned in the next several decades. All have been created in maquette form over the past twenty years and the first three enlarged works are ready to install. (see YouTube video). The 18-ft tall central figure, “Other Sheep I Have” soon to be finished in clay.
Who are the principle sculptors?
Steven Lloyd Neal
Pendleton, Oregon
(“Mormon Battalion Monument “, This is the Place Heritage Park, SLC, Utah)

Michael Aaron Hall
Provo, Utah

Contributing sculptor:
Carol Jackman
Provo, Utah

What will be the admission price?
How will it be supported?
By charitable donations.
How can I help?
Donations needed—small or large! Funds needed to cast the 18-ft central figure of Christ. (Initial costs and molding process for casting have already been met. )
Also needed: Volunteer art students or individuals who want to learn sculpture in the process of re-creating/ enlarging the finished maquettes into the actual pieces placed in the garden.

Also needed are future docents and guides, planters and gardeners to create the garden.
All donations made out to Monument of the Americas, Inc., are deductible by IRS code for 501 C-3 donors.

Who do I contact?

Steven Neal nealmd9@gmail.com
(541) 276-4160
Michael Hall
(801) 373-9823

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