The Advent of Christ

An area within the monument dedicated to Jesus Christ’s visit to the ancient inhabitants of America.

Along the central walkway of the park, visitors will find an archway.  Upon entering this area of the garden, the relief panel entitled “The Light and Life of the World” will be suspended above their heads on the arch.  Directly in front of them, visitors behold a sculpture of Jesus, sitting on a stone, teaching the Sermon on the Mount (3 Nephi 12-15).

Sitting at the feet of the Savior will be multiple life-size sculptures of believers hearing the words of the Savior. These sculptures will be portraits of significant donors and patrons to the Monument or their chosen family members—such as children, grandchildren, parents or others. Though not expressly identified as such, the families and descendants of those sitting at the feet of the Savior, will know who they are and will remember their testimonies of the Savior and of The Book of Mormon.

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