Every so often a fortuitous confluence of theme, talent, and place occurs in such a way as to capture one’s attention and fire one’s enthusiasm. Christ in America Park is all of this for me—supernal, sculpted messages from and about the Savior of the world, about the Promised Land and its people, all within one of its loveliest valleys.


Gordon Smith

U.S. Senator, Executive

Who We Are

"We" is a term that has snowballed from the singular to plural as one man's vision of a world class sculpture park dedicated to Jesus Christ has spread over the decades. The people that dedicate time, resources, and support to the realization of the Christ in America Legacy Park have each gained an individual conviction of the project and it's timeliness in today's world.

Steven L. Neal

Founder, Visionary,

Artist, Doctor

Dr. Steven Lloyd Neal is a practicing facial plastic surgeon and artist who lives in Pendleton, Oregon where he and his wife Susan raised their six daughters. Steven is an artist first and foremost. ...

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Michael A. Hall

Sculptor, Artist

Ever since he was young, Michael Aaron Hall has been interested in creating beautiful works of art designed to move people and connect with them in a meaningful way. As a professional artist and sculptor...

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Principle Contributors

National Advisory Council

Jenny Oaks Baker

America’s Violinist, Jenny Oaks Baker is a Grammy Nominated, Billboard No. 1 performer and...

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Gaylon Ball

Gaylon Ball is a successful businessman in Melaleuca Enterprises . He has the distinct...

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Brian Balls

Brian Balls is co-founder of Summit Engineering Group Inc., established in 2001-- the premiere...

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Bryan Burr

An artist and businessman, Bryan Burr was the CFO of Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. for 40 years. 

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Peter S. Cooke

Major General Peter Stryker Cooke (Ret.) rose to the Rank of Major General during his 39-year career...

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Jeremy Fillmore

Jeremy Fillmore, ASLA PLA, completed his degree in landscape architecture at Utah State... 

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Kerry Harding

A native of Bloomington, Indiana, Kerry Harding is a graduate from Ball State University’s College...

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John Hewlett

John Hewlett is a financial and estate planner, entrepreneur, and CEO/ founder of Cardiomiracle.

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Sid Price

Sid Price was born and raised in Montana, graduating from BYU in 1968 with a BA in German.

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Maurine Proctor

Maurine Jensen Proctor is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Meridian Magazine. With her...

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Scot Proctor

Scot Facer Proctor was raised in Rolla, Missouri, the youngest son of Paul Dean and Martha Facer...

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Kimball Rasmussen

Kimball Rasmussen has served as CEO of Deseret Power Company for over 20 years.  He received his...

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James Ritchie

At the age of 35, James Ritchie was able to retire, financially independent. He had, at that...

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Gordon H. Smith

Senator Gordon Harold Smith is an American politician, businessman, and academic administrator who...

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Clayton Vance

Clayton Vance is a licensed architect practicing in Utah. He received his Bachelor's of...

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