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"How Can I Help?"

We are asked this question a lot. When shown the resounding vision of the Christ in America Legacy Park, the message deeply imprints on many people's hearts and spirits. They are inspired. They want to be involved in a meaningful way in bringing the park and its messages to life.

If you feel likewise, there is much to be done. We truly see the Lord's blessings being poured without measure every time one feels compelled to join and rally around this cause of God, legacy and freedom.

Will you be part of this historic project? 
How can you help?


Financial resources are a necessary and natural priority.

Monetary and in-kind donations are needed to build the Christ in America Legacy Park, a project estimated to cost between $10-20 million to complete.

01 Customize your donation plan

Just like our Savior, to whom the park is dedicated, we strive to include all those who wish to be part of building this sacred place.  Therefore donation levels have been established at levels attainable to all budgets with benefits ranging from engraved pavers and benches all the way to personalized legacy statues included in the park, and everywhere in between. See here for the list of our donor levels and their associated benefits. Please do contact us personally so we can work together to construct a donor plan that works for you, your family, and your legacy. 

02 Participate in our current and ongoing fundraisers

Stay Informed

Keep the momentum moving forward by staying informed and spreading the word.

We are a diverse group of people, spread out geographically, each helping as volunteers with ever-busy lives. It is important we each stay up to date and unified about the fast-changing landscape of the project to best maximize our efforts and teamwork.

03 Connect with our social media accounts

Connect to our social media platforms via these icons to stay up to date and spread the word. Follow, like, comment, share, repeat.

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Donate your time and talents.

We believe everyone has been blessed with unique abilities and talents. We need volunteers to help build and operate the park: artists, fundraisers, landscapers, designers, docents, contractors, marketers, project managers, and more.

04 Prayerfully consider your skills and time

  • Contact us to discuss how you feel you can best help our team or for help in hosting a fundraiser or information session.

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